Celebrate with us our 10 years @ Coupole, Biel!


Performances & Shows by 5 Generations of TeKi TeKua

from 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Afterparty with Showcases, DJ's, Cypher & special guests

from 9:30pm until 3:00am


Reservation via email:


Come and dance with us!

We teach regular classes in Zürich, Bern and Biel/Bienne.



Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, High Heels, House, Waacking and Tap Dance.


Upcoming Workshops


21. October: 11:00 - 12:30

High Heels Workshop with Jasmin TeKi TeKua @ OFFDance, Zürich


17:00 - 18:30

Voguing Workshop with Tamara TeKi TeKua in Bern. Details coming soon


22. October: 14:00 - 15:30

Waacking Workshop @ Stylize, Zürich


4. November: 14:00 - 15:00

Voguing Workshop with Eleonora TeKi TeKua @ Tag der offenen Tanz Tür, Tanzwerk101 Zürich


15:00 - 16:00

High Heels Workshop with Eleonora TeKi TeKua @ Tag der offenen Tanztür, Tanzwerk101 Zürich



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& Performances in 2017


SAVE THE DATE: 23.11.17

Soirée TeKi TeKua @ Coupole Biel


30. September: Performance @ Love rave, Zürich


29. September: Window Voguing @ Archhöfe, Winterthur


9. September: Performance @ Bogen Festival, Stiftung Suneboge


2. September: Performance for the KOSMOS opening weekend, Zürich


July & August: Workshops in Waacking, House and Voguing @ Stylize Summer Session, Zürich



1. July: Performance @ Festival "Pas de problème", Kulturmarkt Zürich


20. may: Performance of the short piece "POPorno" @ Theater Neumarkt, Zurich


18. may: Showcase for "Raiffeisen Bank", Kongresshaus Biel


6. / 7. May : Crash Kurse Zürich tanzt


6. May: Showcase @ Hauptbahnhof Zürich im Rahmen von Urban Dance Culture @ Zürich tanzt


24. April: Soirée TeKi TeKua @ Tanzhaus Zürich


12. March : Participation @ World of Dance, Berlin


February: Blog contribution from Eleonora TeKi TeKua on the new Stylize Dancers Blog. 


28.January: Photo-Shooting march issue of "Stil" (NZZ)



23. -  27. January: Residency @ Tanzhaus Zürich











TeKi TeKua is french slang saying „t‘es qui, t‘es quoi?„ to ask „who are you? what are you?“.


We dance, perform, realize, invent, create, cooperate within and outside of the contemporary dance and art scene.


TeKi TeKua consists of 5 generations:


Companie TeKi TeKua (professional adults)


TeKi JUNIOR Biel & Zurich

(18 - 25 years)


TeKi Teens

(12 - 16 years)


TeKi TeKua Mini

(8 - 12 years)


Mikro TeKi‘s

(5 - 8 years)



More about our JUNIOR company‘s.